Sunday, April 5, 2009

Top 9

Yay! I love this show!


#1 How is it that they haven't listened to the cries of the people? The judges should not walk out and be introduced. 


Simon is calling them artists? I thought that he said that you can be artistic, just not on this show. . . ? Geez, let your yes be yes and your no be no. Does Simon not read the Bible? Oh. . he doesn't? Never mind then. 


Did Ryan just do the "this is American Idol" thing just to hear his own voice? Because that is what I feel is going on. 


ANOOP! I miss the mentor. They make things so entertaining for us. 


Anoop though. . . not so entertaining. . . I mean. . . I love him. . . but that was kinda boring. I can always tell it's boring when I start talking to my mom during the performance. 


Kara can suck it. . . I mean. . .uh, Kara, you're such a nice person and I love everything you say, please stay for next season! 


Headache Simon? That quickly? I don't believe you. 


SAVE ANOOP! SAVE ANOOP! (also, save ANOOP from bad fashion choices) 


Megan. . please don't let me down again. 


Okay. . not doing a great job with not letting me down. . . 


Is it time for my girl Megan to go home? Maybe. 


That was. . . . not. . . really. . .  good. . . at all. 


Megan knows that she didn't do so good. 


Oh, Paula didn't even tell her she looked beautiful. That is really not good. 


Are they going to make her cry? Poor Megan, it's really her time (or maybe Scott) 


Danny. I hate them. I hate Rascal Flatts. A lot. They are one of my least favorite groups of all time. So if you could maybe not group me into the "everyone likes Rascal Flatts" thing, that would be awesome. 


Anyone who thinks he is sexy and or that he looks like Robert Downey Jr. can go jump off a cliff. (not really. . . figuratively, yes).


I am in shock. I'm pretty sure we've seen these glasses before. He must have run out of options. I hate this song. I also hate his voice. Not only do I find his portrayed personality loathsome, but I cannot stand his voice. I think it is raspy and gross. He can leave. Anytime. 


Snails competing with a racehorse? Really Simon? That was a stupid analogy. 


Thank you Danny for not bringing up you deceased beloved. 


Allison. Oh, a guitar. Let's see how this goes. 


In other news, I hate her hair tonight. Whoever decided that was a good idea should be fired, and whoever was the second person that decided that was a good idea should pretend that they never agreed that it was a good idea. 


That was nice. I'm kinda bored with everyone this week. Someone, please wow me. Quickly. 


She is kinda doing the same every week. If she could do something like slow and maybe . . . with a stool, like Paula suggested for Megan, maybe 


Is Paula just reading a cue card? 


Has Simon seen the Adams Family? That is not something that any of them would wear. 


Of course this is what Scott is singing. He sings this song every week. Oh. . wait. . you mean, those were all different songs? Could have fooled me. 


Ew, the way that Kara says "stripping it down" is gross. She would. 


Lies Randy, it was not one of the best of the night. It was Billy Joel. That is all you can call it. 


Matt, we all know who the Fray is, also I think that this was a wise choice. 


Oh my, is Matt IN the mosh pit? Brave, brave man. They could have clapped him to death. 


I think that would have been a great song for him. . . except that The Fray sounds better than he did.


That was the problem. 


Well, Lil's problem is that this was a bad song choice. . . even thought she tried. 




This is a horrible dress. It is not making her look nice at all. 


Let's scream some more Lil'. Please. It's a great sound for you. 


Simon needs new insults. Like, if I hear "this sounds cabaret, like a wedding singer, karaoke, dorm room", I will slap him. 


Really? With the child? That was uncalled for. This means that Lil' will not be going home. Sympathy. 


Adam, let's see if I like him again this week. 


Oh. . . there is already screaming. Let's see how this goes. . . 


Okay, so this is fun. . but the screaming. I just can't deal with that. Other than that it's very entertaining. No, really. . Adam. . we know you can scream and make it sound nice and melodic. . but it's still screaming. 


Are you kidding me Paula? Even Adam doesn't believe you. Mic Jagger? Steven Tyler? Paula so has this memorized. 


Adam's hair looks like a Ken doll. AKA: plastic. 


Anyway, I don't hate him anymore. After Kris, I think he is my second favorite. 


KRIS!! Pimp spot! Piano. . . piano is my favorite instrument for a guy to play. 


Oh my goodness, I love kris. And the instruments on the side? Amazing. 


I love love love Kris. He has such a good voice. The music is beautiful. I'm kinda freaking out. This was so good. 


Yay! The judges gave him the credit he deserves! 


Yeah, so if America could do me a favor and not vote for Danny, that would make my night. 



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