Sunday, April 5, 2009

Top 10 results

So, they are making this beginning introduction waaayyyyyy too intense. I feel like someone's life is in danger. . . or. . .that this show is even cheesier than before? Yes? No? 




Oh goodness, did you hear those little girl screams for Ryan? It must be because he looks so sharp in a suit. 


Ruben. . uhh. . yay? Not really. . . 


Joss Stone though! We have matching nose rings. I feel that it bonds us. 


Ewwwwwwwwww. . . the get a room comment? No one wants to think about that. That was uncalled for. 


How many times do they have to remind us of this new rule? Apparently every show. Multiple times. 


Group number time. Let's see how this goes. 


Ummmmmm. . . remember when I said this show was cheesier than before? Well, I would just like to take this time to reiterate that. All of these flash backs to the motown recording studio or clips of motown singers. . . 


The nice thing about having Scott in the competition is that it stops them from dancing around a lot. The swaying was good. Nothing more needs to happen. 


FORD! I love the colors of those cars. I want a green one. 


Soooooooo. . . have I ever said that I'm not a Ruben fan? Because I'm not. 


Wow, I'm glad that during this economic crisis American Idol thought it best to fly them to Michigan in a private jet with gold steps. 


Adam is up first. Safe. Duh. 

Matt is up next. WHAT? I was not expecting that. At all. 

KRIS! (I must always capitalize his name). Ahahahahaha, he gets him every week. Of course you are safe kris. America will always come through. 

Lil' Rounds. Ryan is being so sneaky tonight. 

Michael. I think he will be going home. Just a hunch. 


Duet time. Did everyone take note of the ring? Matchy matchy ring squared. 

I don't listen to Joss Stone, but I really like her. I think she is really beautiful and talented. 


Not going to lie. That was a little boring for me. 


Back to the results. . . 


Allison. She looks nice tonight (oh no, was that the kiss of death?). She is safe. 

ANOOP (his name also must be capitalized). Go indian population of America, pulling through for our man ANOOP. 

Danny. I don't even want to talk about the fact that he is still here. I just want to slap that little smirk off his face. 

Scott. It's really time for him to go. . . . I wasn't expecting him in the bottom though. 

Megan. No, no, no, safe safe safe, please please please!! YYYYYESSSSSSSS! *caw caw*


Awww, Michael pointing to Matt was so nice. Michael is so nice. I want to give him all my money so that he doesn't have to have a dangerous job anymore. Not that I have that much money. . . but it's a nice thought. 


Scott? Safe before Matt? Whatever. 


I love Stevie Wonder. How cool to be the top 10 and see him perform that close to you. 


What is this? Random Obama shout out night? 


Well, I called it. 


I'm going to miss him and his incredible niceness. They aren't going to save him. 


Although, I think he is singing way better than he did last night. 


Ahahaha, Michael is the complete opposite of Ryan Seacrest. Hilarious. 


I'm not a fan of this goodbye song. It does not make me feel sad or anything. It's not a good song for this. 


He is so cute and smiley. Go Michael. I hope you get a record deal with some country music thing. 


The end. I don't like blogging results nights. They are kinda boring. Oh well. 


I'm going to bed since I got no sleep last night. 


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