Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Top 7 results

I hate how they make everything so dramatic. 

This is a karaoke show after all. 

A great wonderful amazing karaoke show, but still. . . it does not deserve this intense introduction every week. 

Ryan, I miss your tie bar. Bring it back.

Woo! Earth Day! 

Woo! David Archuleta! 

Woo! Paula Abdul! 

Ahahaha, Adam and his paper towel for his sweat. So funny. 

My mom wants a Paula Abdul work out video. 

Wait. . soooo. . why doesn't Paula always do the choreography? I love her dress too. 

. . . That was my least favorite Ford music video ever. You have disappointed me American Idol. 

Lil'. . . good. Final three. You should be. Her makeup always looks so nice. She has really good eyelids. 

Wait . . . why did they just eliminate her just now? That was weird. They are wasting no time tonight. Well, it was her time for sure. 

Who is the plastic woman who just walked out on the stage? Frieda? Who? Remind me never to have plastic surgery. That was a train wreck. 

This lady in the ugly yellow dress sounds better than the last lady. But this is still horrible. And her boobies are about to explode out of her dress. 

Why is it that none of these disco stars can sing? This is the saddest thing I've ever seen. They can't even dance. I'm really happy that disco is dead. . . because. . . I would be beside myself. 

Kris! Safe! Because he is amazing! How can he not be safe? I love him. And his wife is so cute. It's ridiculous. 

Adam is also safe of course. . . he is going to win the whole thing. 

Danny is lame. I'm not even acknowledging him tonight. 

Anoop, bottom. . . I guess it makes sense. Although, I would rather the man I'm not acknowledging tonight would be in the bottom instead. That's not happening anytime soon. 

Matt and Allison. How is matt's mole centered so perfectly in the middle of this forehead? 

What? Allison is in the bottom three? That's kinda crazy. . . no love for the girls tonight. 

Lovable David Archuleta! Coming up next? Yay! 

He is so little, and so cute. 

Wait. .  David. . . why can you not sing? What happened to your wonderful voice? Why are you so flat and. . . off? Are you sick? 

He is so adorable though, and I just want to hug him. Is it weird that I view him as being about 15? Because I'm pretty sure he is about my age. 

Aw, and his jumping around! I'm still confused as to why this doesn't sound better. I mean, I've heard him live. . and he is basically really good. . like giving you goose bumps good. But that was. . . not as good as I was thinking it was going to be. 

Oh gaspy, I love you. 

Aw, Anoop. . . we loved you. You have a beautiful voice. You should have stayed, and the name that shall not be named should be going home. 

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