Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top 7

We are just going to put pictures of Kris up because he is my favorite. 

Did Ryan just give up his favorite 
thing to say? He let someone else say
 "this is American Idol"? I'm so impressed right now. 

I'm so glad they stopped introducing the judges. That was so lame. 

Kara doesn't know what provocative means? How is she 
making so much money? 

This two judges at a time thing 
is stupid. Maybe if Simon didn't 
color on Paula's face they could actually make it through these things. 

I actually don't like Quentin 
Tarantino. . . I mean as 
in his movies. . .I know they 
are supposed to be amazing
and wonderful, and I sound stupid saying that, 
but I just don't like them.

I think it's because I'm a girl. Not that all girls 
don't like them, but if you're a boy and
don't like them. . I would
question your masculinity.
Only my lameness is on the line.

Allison. . .so it started out super boring. . . and 
then it got a little more
exciting. . . but she
isn't actually sounding that great. 
Which is weird, 
because she is usually always amazing.

She sounded sick, and looked kinda 
bored. . .or something. . .weird.

But everyone in the audience
loved it, so maybe 
we aren't hearing the 
same thing that
the live audience is hearing. 

ANOOP! So I love and hate 
this song all at the same
time. Go Anoop! Go Anoop! I love this!
Bryan Adams can suck it! Any 
performance that is better
than the original is okay in my book.
I might actually buy this one.

I hate the clothes they put him in though.

Yay, Adam! He'll do 
great. . .obviously . . . because
he apparently can 
do no wrong. Please
don't scream, please don't
scream, please don't scream. 
Ugggghhhhhhhhhhhh. Why? Just once.
Just once keep that beautiful 
scream to yourself. 
All to yourself. Please, for my sake.

I feel like I just had a seizure.
So many flashing lights.

BUT. It was still amazing. 
He is still amazing. And 
Paula is still crazy. And 
Adam doesn't know
how to respond to her.

Matt's head is so square. 
It distracts me. Ew. . . he just 
pronounced "love" "luuuuuve". That
would be my pet peeve #834792.

I'm not really a fan tonight.

No one seemed to like that. . . Adam 
is a hard act to follow.


Can I just take this time to say
that there is no point for
them to have four 
judges if they can't
all judge every contestant. 
Time for Kara to move on.

I feel really bad for Matt.

Danny. . . Danny. . . Danny. . . .no glasses? 
That's nice.
Actually, no, 
I think you look like a
bigger douche 
without your glasses.
Or maybe a different kind of douche.

How does Quentin
know all these things 
about singing and performing?

Aw, hell no. He did not just 
pimp his dead wife again. 
Please tell me he did not just look up
at the end.


That. Was. Freaking. Amazing.

I think I'll have to buy that one too.

Randy, I hate you. . . what is wrong with you?

That was so good. So so good. 
I have no words. I love him.

Lil'. Can I please remind everyone of this:

Yes. That is the song she is singing right now.

Why? Why? Can she 
please stop. now. 
What is around her waist?
A tape deck?
Throw her under the bus. Fast.

Yes Lil', keep talking back.
America loves that. 
They will keep you around forever.

1 comment:

    i could think of NOTHING else but Napoleon Dynamite as soon as Lil opened her mouth.
    as if i already didn't like her and her song choices enough....

    Kris was above and beyond my favourite last night. [not that he wasn't already pretty much my fave.] anyone who picks a song from Once is already a winner.... and i love the way he sang it. glorious. <3