Sunday, April 5, 2009

Top 13 results

Thank you for not introducing the judges again. 


What IS this new rule all about, Ryan? 


Oh my goodness Randy, are you really booing Simon? Why would you do that? No, really? Why? 


Danny's glasses make him look like a lego man. 


So the new rule, whatever, I don't care. Is that really the big shocker? 


I'm a little bit confused by the mansion thing. . . like. . . that makes no sense. . . why would they live there, and why would they show us that? That has nothing to do with singing. . or. . anything. If I see anyone making out in a hot tub this year, I WILL stop watching the show. 


Okay, group dance, Danny, please, no more pelvic thrusts. The children, think of the children. Come on, let's keep this G rated. Family television. 


I love Ford commercials, but they forgot to put clothes on Alexis. 


Yay Michael, you get to stay until next week! They need to make sure that Allison's hair doesn't clash with her shirt, because last time I checked. . her hair and shirt are clashing right now. Jasmine, we all knew it was coming. Matt, oh good, I want to hear more. Kris! Megan! What will happen? Yay Kris! No, Megan! 


Jasmine. . . they will not save you. Don't worry. 


I do feel bad for her though, I mean, she has to leave the mansion. Where is her rose? 


Uuuuuggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I hate Kanye. If he could be more full of himself, that would be awesome. Why does he have a towel in his back pocket? I think Adam learned some of his crotch touching moves from him. This is so top 40, I could cut it with a knife. Does he have to wear sun glasses because he is on drugs? That is what people at my school do, they think they are being so sly. . . but they're not. Oh, dropping to the knees, that is always a good move. 


Scott, again, no comment, I don't want to seem like I hate blind people. Oh please, Alexis, why did they drag that out? We all knew she was staying. Danny, yeah, like we didn't know (but if you could stop doing the "woo" thing into your mic, that would be great). Anoop! No! 

Do the girls not know Adam is gay? Because I think they don't know. . . and I feel like they deserve to know. Girls, Adam doesn't like you, stop screaming for him. Jorge, you should not listen to Ryan, just take your place on the center stage. Lil' sit down, and thank you for not wearing pleated pants and cotton candy. 


Back from the break, it would seem that Anoop has a crush on Kelly. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 


Please Ryan, keep singing! 


That was kinda boring, Kelly. But it's okay, you are still the best American Idol winner (except for Carrie). 


How is Anoop so tall? Or maybe Jorge is just really really short? 


Yay Anoop! Go Indian population--or the population of India! 


Awwww, Jorge is so nice, I feel bad for him. But really. . . it was time. 


Pardon my French, but Simon is an ASS. He didn't have to say that they wouldn't save Jorge so bluntly.  That was horrible. He is a horrible person and I want to kick him. 


I'm not feeling the goodbye song yet. . . it doesn't give me that suddenly sad feeling. 


Maybe it will grow on me. 


So tonight wasn't a big shocker. I think the two that went home were the two that were meant to go home. 

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