Sunday, April 5, 2009

Top 9 results

First: Jason Castro Tweeted about who got voted off tonight. Soooo. . I already know going into this. 


BUT, Jason in the audience. Woo. 


36 MILlion votes? Wow Ryan, that is. . . the same as last week!


Lady Gagag is on tonight apparently. I hope that everyone caught Kara's face when Ryan said she was on the show. She was basically disgusted. 


David Cook has a latest hit? Interesting. 


Is Paula wearing a ice skating outfit? Of all the nights for them not to walk out on stage! Dang it! 


Ford time. That one is my favorite so far. 


Shoot me please. Group numbers just need to leave forever. Especially this one. And especially ones that are pre-recorded. And especially when you have people who can't lip synch. . .


Last night Lil' had VPL (visible panty line) tonight she has VNL (visible nipple line). Much worse. The stylists have it in for her. 


I don't actually want to see a week in the life of an idol. They can put these things online and I will watch them there, thank you very much. 


Hahaha, Matt's sexy face was hilarious. 


Chef David. Please come to my house. I have no money to pay you. . . but you can come anyway. 


Okay. . . so they all just made fun of each other. That was weird. 


I hate it when they change up the way they eliminate people. 


David Cook. . I've never heard this song. Ew, if his nose could not rest on the mic, that would be awesome. 


This song is really boring. He is looking nice though, his hair color is nice, and his complexion is looking nice also. Those are all the nice things I have to say. He is so funny. . . I love it whenever he is on Best Week Ever. And his mom is so cute. 


The ratio of Ryan's head to David's head. . . is hilarious. 


I'm thinking that the thought going through Lil's head right now is: "maybe if I stand really still they won't eliminate me".


Of course Kris is safe! 


Ryan is so good at tricking them this year. He must practice a lot. 


Okay. . uhhh. . Megan. . that was a bit much. The caw thing was nice when you sang your song. . but that was. . . a bit. . a lot. . much. 


Lil'! It worked! You stayed so still, and now you're safe! 


Adam is rocking the Manga look tonight, and is trying to shoot laser beams through his eyes at Lil'. 


Either that or the wax version of Adam Lambert has taken the stage tonight, and the real Adam Lambert is at home watching Gossip Girls (his guilty pleasure)


I'm not even going to acknowledge the fact that Danny will be here next week. But I will acknowledge that he is ridiculous in the worst way possible. 


Did Megan get into the raspberry cordial? I mean. . .Paula's "Coke" cup. . . 


Lady Gaga is like the non-tattooed version of Amy Winehouse. Looking anyway. 


And then she is the female version of Adam. . or maybe Adam is the female version of Adam? 


That was entertaining. 


Oh, and never mind, she totally doesn't look like Amy Winehouse. . I meant Debbie Harry. 


Yay! That's really good that Allison is staying. 


Really. . . . . . raspberry cordial. Megan. . . . a lot. . . a lot of raspberry cordial. . . . 


Well good for her. Way to go out with a bang.



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