Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Top 8

Who is that dead man in the audience? 


They listened!!! The judges weren't introduced! 

Oh. . but we are introduced to their baby pictures. Will they be singing from the year of their birth? Because if not then I really don't want to see these pictures. 

Is Simon Paul McCartney? Do all british men look like Paul McCartney? Because I think I need to get myself to England soon. 

Oh, Ryan was an unfortunate baby. 

Why do they keep showing the dead guy? 

Oh good, Danny Gokey. My favorite. No. . . not the favorite. . . very much not the favorite. 

Why is it that people I hate sing a song I love, and butcher it? 

John Lennon is the only person I will allow to sing this song. Ever. 

Actually I really like Archie from last season. . . just not him singing Stand By Me. . because. . only John Lennon is allowed to be played in my ears. 

I don't even know what the judges are saying. That wasn't anything special, at all. 

Does Danny use Sun-In? I feel that the tips are a little lighter. 

KRIS! Yay! 

Aw, he wanted to be a Taxi driver when he was little. . . adorable. 

Guess who is dancing in her seat? 

Kara needs to shut her mouth. 

It was wonderful. 

Paula can keep talking. 

It was wonderful. 

Simon needs to shut his mouth. 

It was wonderful. 

Randy needs to shut his mouth (wait. . did he even say anything?). 

It was wonderful. 

Lil' time. Is Lil's name kinda like Oprah's name? Was it actually an accident? And they just tell people it was on purpose? 

Lil' needs to stop with the huge songs that are way to big for her. She is not Tina turner. She can just leave. 

That sucked. I'm not even going to say anything else about it. 

Except, she "is an artist" *snap* *snap* *snap*. 

Go away. 

ANOOP! Well that was a nice little apology. 

So. . . I don't actually want to know that he was born the same day as David Cook. 

I hate this song. Really? True Colors? 

So I really like Anoop, but. . . I can't deal with this song. I only see Haley Scarnato from season 6. . . well. . . more like I see Haley Scarnato's legs. 

The judges are lame. What happened to "current" or "artistry"? Oh. . I know. . .Kris Allen happened. He was amazing. 

Scott. . . do I have to say anything about him? 

I feel bad since he is blind. 

Can I say bad things about a blind person? I don't think I can. I have to deal with this issue every week. 

Okay fine. . . this is horrible. This is horrible. This is horrible. This is HORRIBLE. 

I said it. 

Scott, it's time to put the "punk" side of you away. . very far away. . . very. . . very. . far. . . 

Allison. Okay. . . so her mom is a little slow, and that is why she is a singer, good to know. 

She looks like Kelly Clarkson tonight. 

This is really boring. 

Like. . . really. 

I mean, it's super good. . . but really boring. 

I'm over it. Kris needs to stay. I'm afraid he won't because of the judges comments. Say it ain't so. 

Paula is so scripted, it's amazing. 

Randy and I are on the same page this evening. 

Well Matt was one of THOSE children. 

I still get the home schooled vibe from him. I need to find out if he was or not. 

That was kinda boring. Like. . I was actually doing other stuff while he was singing. This is how I know it was boring. 

Okay, I hope Adam does really well. I don't want to start not liking him again. 

Ummmmmm. . . .Adam's dad is very bitter that he didn't like sports. I don't think he is comfortable with the gay son thing. Poor Adam. 


Okay. . . . this is kinda amazing. 

The whole thing. 

Wait. . not the snarl. No snarl please. 

But the chair, and the blue light. 

WHY? Every week? He has to scream? Just one week. . . one week. . he needs to just not scream. 

But that was freaking amazing. 



I have never seen that happen. 

Has that ever happened? 

I don't even know. 

Someone please tell me. 

I'm going to bed. 

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  1. love the new blog.
    fab idea.
    i feel like i'm stalking you all over the internet though.
    hahahah. i hope it doesn't creep you out.
    but who doesn't want their blogs to be read?

    anyway. pretty sure that was Simon's first standing ovation.
    Adam was killer amazing. love that song and he is out of control phenomenal.

    KRIS KRIS KRIS! that's all i have to say. he better NOT go. i was disappointed in pretty much all the song choices tonight though.

    I think Scott should go .... and then Lil can go away next. ;]