Sunday, April 5, 2009

Top 10

So I wasn't going to blog about AI tonight because I just started the show (at 9) and I want to be in bed by ten. So I was going to have to do a two parter and watch the rest later. 


BUT. But Matt came on and I think he did so well. I just wanted to say that. 


That was really good. 


I was never really a fan, but I really liked that. 


He is also looking nice tonight too. I have given him a bad rap. I apologize. 


Kara is so awkward. 


Also. . . is Paula okay? Does she have pink eye? Or was she crying? Drugs? I mean, what is going on? Maybe she should be wearing sunglasses. That is what people at my school do when they've. . you know. . . feel the need to wear sunglasses inside. . . for certain reasons. 


Can I just say that if I have to watch this clip for the osbourne's show one more time I'm going to get really upset. It is disgusting. I hope no one watches it. That is not something that needs to be promoted. 


KRIS! My fav! 


Oh my goodness, Smokey Robinson is so nice. He is someone I would like to meet. I like meeting nice people. 


So I love Kris, but I think that maybe he shouldn't ever wear that shirt again. I mean, I like to think I am pretty good with fashion. . and I'm not a fan of that. 


He is adorable. I feel weird saying that because he is married, and the only married person I talk about is Christian Bale (but he isn't really adorable). And by Kris being adorable--I mean I want to fold him up and put him in my pocket (in a non-Paula way). 


Yay Kris! Can we all say dark horse? 


Believe in yourself Kris!! Believe in yourself!! You are not at a bus stop! 


But. . . please don't be conceited. That is really not okay. 


Awwwww, his wife. I love her. I want her to wear her apron in the audience. That would be adorable. 


Hmmm, Scott is in pink pants. I don't know how I feel about this. Just because he has limited vision does not mean the stylists should do things like this. 


Wow, talk about piano playing. He is super good. I should know. I can play about 3.5 songs on the piano. Trust me. He's good. 


I think. . . . that pretty soon Scott should be leaving. Not that I don't like him, but he really isn't the best there. 


Do you like how nice I'm being tonight? I try. I try. 


Staged insults? Crayons and coloring books? Can we try to not be cheesy? Please? I mean. . come on. 




Everyone should have the choice to wear pink pants or not. He was not given the choice. 


MEGAN! My favorite girl! I love this song! 


Let's see how many times Ryan can talk about the flu outbreak. 


I love love love her dress and necklace. 


This isn't going to good. . . uh-oh. I love her, please. . quick redeem yourself Megan! Quickly! Nooooooo, Megan . . . . please. . . redeem yourself. At least she looks beautiful. She has inspired me to actually do my make up tomorrow. And hair. It's going to be fun. 


America! Save her! I don't want to vote. . . 


Although I really don't like Kara, she totally hit the nail on the head by saying that the song took her over. 


I really would like her tattoo. . . to be on my arm. 


America! Vote vote! 


ANOOP! He is such a nerd. I think I say that every week. But I love it. 


His outfit is adorable! 


Okay, so this performance isn't my favorite of his. But I'm pretty sure he'll make it through to next week. How could he not with that jacket??? 


I must be in a good hormonal state because I just want to think the best of everyone tonight, haha. 


Maybe I'll even have nice things to say about Danny. Well. . . probably not . . . but he can hope. Because I'm sure he cares SO much what I have to say about him. 




I think that Simon feels like it is a musical because of the jacket. . . it's like something out of Grease. 


Wait, what is randy wearing? What is going on with his man jewelry? Did he just get back from a caribbean vacation? Ryan is looking sharp though. Remember that week he wore a polo shirt? That was weird. 


Michael. . . I feel that this night does not bode well for you. Motown might not be your thing. 


Church it up? That is a new one. I might have to use that. . . all the time. I'm not sure where I can apply it, but I'm sure I can find some good uses. 


Like, maybe if I want to impress conservative people I can "church up" my outfit. Or maybe I can just use it in a cheer. You know? Like "pump, pump, pump it up!" I can say "church, church, church it up!". I'm sorry, my inner camp counselor is coming out in full force this evening. 


Okay, Michael seems like a great guy, but the way he moves his mouth when he sings. . . I can't look at him. I feel like he is about to throw up and he doesn't want to so it's like he is holding it back. If that makes sense. It makes sense to me. If you don't get it. . . than I'm sorry, you can leave. 


Aw, Simon is being kinda harsh. I mean, it's true. . and maybe it's what he needs to hear if he makes it through. . . but I want to go cover his little southern ears. It's okay Michael. . . you get to go on tour this summer. 


So do they have to make the show two hours so they can have commercials in between every song? Lame. If they could not, that would be awesome. K thanks. 


Lil'. You know how I feel about over-pimped contestants. It makes me automatically not like them. 


Heat wave. I love this song though. It makes me dance. . . and snap. I was just snapping along. You know. . in case you want to visualize me sitting on my couch dancing and snapping. It's a talent not many have mastered. Sitting, dancing, snapping and blogging. Jealous? 


Okay, yeah, that was good. We all know she is good. She is always good. Is she going to sell a lot of records if she wins? Probably not. Can we try and be passionate and perform? I mean. . . it's just blah. She knows she can sing and it's easy for her. We don't have any musicianship. . . you know, like. . . I need something other than good singing. This is a problem for me. This is also probably why I don't like Danny. 


Kara is picking up on Paula's "you look beautiful tonight". That basically means you suck. 


Paula, just because she is black does not mean she should run for president. (speaking of that, I have an amazing quote of the day. . .I mean, amazing). 


Ugh, I was going to be in bed by 10. That is not happening. Basically because it is past 10 right now. It's not really possible anymore. 


Adam, I love his hair. Well, not the whole "I straight iron my hair and it takes me forever to make it look this way. I am very invested in my looks" kinda way. That is not good. I like the colors in it. 


I'm so glad he isn't doing anything creepy. 


This is actually my favorite song he's done. He isn't touching himself in an awkward way. This is a big improvement. I love love love how there are four of them, and they way they are all positioned. It is very pleasing to my artistic brain. Although, even numbers are not usually good in paintings or whatever. . . but the four is working. And how he is over to the side. Again, I've been inspired. I want to go paint a picture of four guys in a row on a stage. Shopping for canvases tomorrow? Yes. 


That was really good. I mean. . . I really haven't liked him in the past. But that. . . was really good. I like the clean look. that was ridiculous. 


How am I liking everyone tonight? It must have been the Italian food I had for dinner. Or maybe the green tea I had for dessert. Yes, I have tea for dessert on a regular basis. 


Danny. . . let's see if my immense love for everyone transcends even Danny. . . Danny Gokey. 




Still putting the "go in Gokey". 


Dang it, is he wearing my glasses? Good thing I only need them for driving. I don't want to resemble this man in any way. 


I'm sorry. I was being so good. He just rubs me the wrong way. And I actually don't like his voice. At all. I'm not denying that he has a really good voice. . .I just don't like it at all. Whatever. 


Oh my gosh. The way he says "tweedley dum" makes me want to barf. 


Oh my gosh. The dancing just sealed the deal. He is my least favorite person on the planet right now. 


YES! SIMON! That was awesome. Take him down a notch! (or two, or three, you know, whatever you feel would be appropriate) 


Oh, good, those aren't my glasses. I thought the bottoms were rimless. They aren't. They are black on the top and clear on the bottom. Lame. 


Allison. . she is amazing. I hope that she does well tonight. She should. I would think this week should be one of her strong points. 


That was super good. Yay Allison! 


Kara, if she was singing for 400 years. . . she would not sound like that. Come on. 


Paula's mustache. Again, can we not stage things like this? It's not even funny. 


There you have it! 


I didn't get in bed by 10. 


You better have enjoyed this. Hmph. 

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