Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Top 7 results

I'm having flash backs to the stupid boxing match theme last season. 

That was a bad time for American Idol. 

Heck yes. Miley Cyrus AND Jennifer Hudson??? Just kidding. . I'm not actually excited. 

This is probably my least favorite Ford video. . . and Matt looks kinda silly. . . not gonna lie. 

This is such a confusing group number. Who knows where they will come out of next! And Simon is a creeper. 

Lil's boobies are looking very voluptuous tonight. 

This was never a good song . . why are they having them sing it? 

They got to meet Zac Efron! Well, if they don't get anything out of this show, at least they got to do that. 

Yes! Allison! She needs to stay longer. This is good.
Adam is safe of course. When is he not safe? 
ANOOP! Noooooooo. He did such a good job. What is America thinking? 

Oh no, can Jennifer not hear herself? Well she is still doing a nice job. I mean. . . . this is not my kind of music. . . at all. . . but she still has a very amazing voice. Oh. . uh. . screechy voice. Nice screechy, I guess? 

Anoop seems pissed at all times. That is his downfall. 

YES! KRIS! You are brilliant! 

Lil', you and your ginormous making me feel awkward nippies can take a seat. Bam. 

Matt, we all know you are in the bottom. . .just go sit down. 

Danny, you are my least favorite. 

YYESSSSS!!!!!! ANOOP!!!!!!!! 

I hope that all the American Idol's hate Miley Cyrus. Because they are all a million times better than her. She could probably close her mouth, and still sing. . . through her nose. 

No head banging Miley, your hair is done up. . . you now look like Animal from the Muppets. 

Dang it. Lil' should have gone. 

Are Kara and Paula really doing that right now? They are acting like they are drunk. . . or in high school. . . one or the other.

Did they really just do that? 



Did they really just save Matt? 

That is bizarre. I did not expect that. 

Apparently they are celebrating with a rain dance. 

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  1. put the go in gokey! (is that how you spell gokey?)