Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Top 7. . . again?

The judges save is really stupid. 

What is the point? 

Oh my goodness, Ryan is on fire. 

Did Paula just flash a gang sign? I think Paula just flashed a gang sign. 

Hello top 7. 

Lil' is so bad. . why is she here? This is so horrible. Can we maybe not put her in a jumpsuit? K, thanks. 

Randy always says the same thing. . . how does he always say the same thing? 

Ohhhhhh, throwing her under the bus. Simon. . . that was c-r-u-e-l. 

Lil', you need to shut your mouth. Do you realize how annoying you sound? 

KRIS!!!!!! Yay!!!!! Please be amazing! 

This is so good. . . oh my goodness. He is so good. His "dancing" is adorable. And he has nice pants. 

I love Kris. I love him so much. He is the best. Ever. I'm going to buy this song too. 

His wife is SO cute! Oh my goodness. 

Wow, still throwing Lil' under the bus. 

WOOO! Go Kris!! Dark horse! Dark horse! 

Danny. . . . can he just leave. I mean. . really. . 

This song makes him seem more sleazy than he already does. 

His dance moves are stupid too. What are the judges thinking? They are going to make him no money. They will get old people to go to the concerts this summer, but his CD would not be cool. 

Oh my gosh Paula, don't encourage him. 

Yes Simon, make that smile melt off this face. 

Did he just pimp his dead wife again? 

Allison looks nice tonight. This is way better than last week I think. 

I hope she makes it to the top 3. 

Woo! Go Allison! 

Adam is good. . .but I'm a little bored. . . 

Oh my gosh. . is Paula crying? Is she freaking crying? 

Actually, I like it. . . it grew on me. That was super good. He is always so good. He should win. 

His hair looks good tonight too. 

How can Paula tell everyone they are going to be in the finals? 

GO ADAM! Seriously, Adam is the winner. He isn't even my favorite and I think he should win.

Oh my goodness, Adam might be the nicest person ever. 

Gosh. Someone had to do this song. Might as well have been Matt. 

He reminds me so much of Chris Richardson from season 6. 

Only Chris didn't have a mole. Matt's biggest downfall. 

Well, he can go home whenever. 

ANOOP! Oh no. . . not another ballad. . . . 

Well it got a little peppy. His voice is seriously so good. . . .but he has zero personality. Well, on the show. I'm sure he is a very fun person. 

He has a very nice smile. 

Oh Simon. . . you are such a hater tonight. You can only hate Danny. That is the only person you can hate. 

Go kris!!


  1. i just can't get over how Kris is better & better every week.
    i adore him.
    he's almost like my Jason Castro of this season. just different.
    LOVE him.
    if Adam doesn't win... it better be KRIS.
    in other news... if lil does not leave tonight... i don't even know what i will do.