Sunday, April 5, 2009

Top 11 results

Sorry this is late. I was having dinner at. . . not my home. DVR FTW. 


Paul's hair looks nice tonight. 


But if Ryan could stop with the nicknames that would be nice. 


If they make a huge deal about the judge's save every week. . . I might get annoyed. No, no, no, I will. 


Can I remind everyone that I love to hate group numbers? All the girls look super cute tonight though. Especially Megan. But I am biased because I love her to begin with. 


Ford music video! These look like so much fun to make. That one was cute, and I love that song. . . but. . let's just say. . . I like Ok Go's version better. 


So the recaps of the goodbyes were nice. . . but long.


Okay, are the answers to these questions staged? Like, this is emotional downpour. Is Ryan trying to be the Barbara Walters? 


Thank you for having danny go first because everyone knows that he is staying, and Danny, thank you for controlling your "woo". Lil', wow, over the top. . . did she just say, "thank you Jesus"? Oh my, control yourself. ANOOP! Yes! Staying for another week. PAULA ANSWER THE QUESTION.  


Oh  my gosh, the planned drama is too much to handle. 


Hooray, Brad Paisley. . . I actually loathe him. I don't understand this music. My mom and I vote him off the island. 


I wonder how they'll handle Scott on the tour. That might be tricky. Megan! Safe! Yes! I love her! Matt, okay, whatever. Kris Kris Kris, safe safe safe, tour tour tour! Oh my, the two A's, Alexis and Adam. Where will this go? (I actually already know because I cheated and found out ahead of time, but I'll pretend for suspense's sake). Randy, do you mean Alexis? Idiot. (okay, forgiven, my mom says she always does that "A" names too). Aw, Alexis? 


Carrie Underfed! She is so cute. (That is the word of the night--cute). Oh my goodness. Oh my freaking goodness. Carrie's dress is soooooo amazing, and her hair, and everything. Although, she has no body fat. That's weird. She is so extremely pretty. Um, is Randy Travis going to sing? Oh okay, here we go. Well that was nice. Good job guys. 


Well, Alexis, I really liked you. 


Oh my goodness, if the judges could be more obviously fake in their deciding huddle, that would make my night. 


She is butchering the song. She must be nervous. I feel really bad for her. 


That's really too bad, I really wish they would have saved her anyway. She really should have been in the top 5. 


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